Avg antivirus is a program which protects against viruses ransomware and other threats. It also scans websites and detects links that may be dangerous. It’s compatible with PCs and Macs and also has an app for mobile Android and iOS devices.

The free AVG anti-virus program offers the majority of the features you’d expect from a modern antivirus. It checks emails sent and received and scans directories and files for malware, and quarantines the infected. It is a more powerful firewall than the other free options, and allows you to control and set rules for specific applications. It differentiates between public and private networks to apply a higher security level. It also offers a variety advanced alerts such as port scan alerts, ARM spoofing alerts, and data leak protection.

AVG’s performance tuning tools can help your computer speed up clean up junk files and prolong battery life. It can also help keep your software up to date and prevent them from becoming outdated and exposing you to vulnerabilities. Premium versions of avg antivirus include additional features like safer banking and an VPN which encrypts your online browsing.

The interface of AVG has a clean layout, with easily identifiable thumbnails and headings to give you an overview of what the program is protecting you from. It’s easy to launch an initial scan or a more extensive checks, however accessing other features requires a confusing menu system. It’s also a pity that AVG doesn’t have a tech support phone number as is the norm for competing suites.