A certification can be useful in building up technical skills and showing employers that you have a baseline of knowledge in the cloud space. If you’re new to the cloud space, try a foundational certification—like the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900. You can set yourself up to be competitive for cloud engineering jobs by getting the right skills and experience, and perhaps a certification. Cloud computing is also a field that is expected to grow in the next decade as companies continue to adopt cloud technology. The ability to work with cloud technology is one of the most in-demand skill sets in 2021, along with cybersecurity and database management [3].

what does aws cloud engineer do

Nonetheless, other hiring and compensation data platforms list different salary figures. Glassdoor features a higher average salary of $141,932, though with a base annual wage (without additional cash compensation) at a much lower $104,760 per year. Salary.com lists $135,279 as the average wage, within an expected range of $124,398 and $146,662. These roles are responsible for creating the functions, applications, or databases that run on the cloud.

What Does an AWS Cloud Support Engineer Do?

A cloud developer is responsible for creating applications that run on a cloud platform. They use various programming languages and tools to build and test applications. For more information on cloud technologies and careers, read our definition of cloud computing and our essential guide on starting your cloud career. For more in-depth information on the different cloud engineering careers, click here. Explore our role-based certifications for those in Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations roles, as well as our Specialty certifications in specific technical areas. If you already have foundational knowledge of coding, you can also get more specific with a course like Deploying with Netlify and Heroku.

what does aws cloud engineer do

Through task automation, they simplify the deployment and scaling of applications, facilitate resource provisioning, and oversee backup management. Upholding security is integral to their role, encompassing the enforcement of suitable security measures, conducting security evaluations, and resolving vulnerabilities. Junior cloud engineers can expect to occupy a lower salary band at the beginning of their careers.

AWS Solutions Architect Salary in 2023

Our catalog can help you find the course you need to perfect your coding skills. But if you’re still not sure where to start, check out our coding personality quiz, which can help you figure out which programming languages to learn and which how to become an aws cloud engineer courses to take based on your interests. If all of this talk about cloud computing—the exciting challenges it poses and the great perks it offers—has you interested in a career in this field, then Simplilearn can help you achieve your goal!