You may be wondering if require third-party anti-virus software for your PC running Microsoft’s most popular OS. After all, Microsoft Windows 11 boasts hardware security features like TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot that prevent malware from compromising your computer as it starts up. These security tools are designed to ensure that only genuine drivers and OS files are installed. They also ensure that malicious programs can’t alter your system’s memory or files.

Microsoft’s Windows Defender doesn’t protect your device from all cyber threats. Be aware that even the best secured systems can be attacked by viruses, malware and other ransomware. These threats can cause damage to sensitive data or slow down your computer and even erase it.

It’s therefore a good idea to always have a reliable antivirus program to safeguard your Windows 11 computer. Its primary function is to block malicious websites and ads that contain viruses, ensuring they won’t infect your computer or spread to others.

Some experts suggest combining Microsoft built-in security with a third-party antivirus program to increase the safety of your data. It’s crucial not to overload yourself with layers of protection, as they could interfere with each other and diminish their effectiveness. Using multiple antivirus software can also be costly and consume your computer’s resources which can cause slower performance.