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Board governance is a tough work. Board members spend a lot of time on preparation for meetings and book preparation. The administrative staff members spend a large amount of time arranging meetings, building agendas, registering votes, and approving minutes.

A top-rated portal software designed for boards can make the process simpler. Board administration can create a meeting schedule which synchronizes with each member’s calendar and then quickly create agendas. The board portal will help with document approvals and management. During meetings, the board can quickly navigate and review documents on any device. After the meeting a board member can take minutes and edit them and assign tasks to a person or add them.

During the board meeting, directors can look over a variety of important reports, such as committee reports and fact sheets as well as financial reports, human resources reports, legal reports and more. When looking at a portal to use for the directors on the board, make sure that it provides file sharing capabilities to share these documents in advance and during the meeting with the rest of your board.

In addition, to making it easy to use, board of director portal providers should offer superior customer service. You can ask for references from companies that have successfully implemented the solution. You can also test the customer service system by asking about the speed at which queries are answered and issues are addressed. Consider running a board cycle with your current and existent processes and the new portal in parallel to ensure they be able to work together.