This article is designed to help you conduct virtual meetings in a professional manner and maximize the value of these meetings. Best practices for virtual meetings are focused on enhancing collaboration, avoiding distractions and ensuring everyone is engaged. If your online meetings aren’t a success, then you’re missing crucial teamwork opportunities as well as productivity gains.

Setting the goals of your meetings is important. It isn’t an issue if the meeting is an issue-solving workshop or status update. Setting a clear objective will ensure that you remain focused and reach your desired outcome. It’s crucial to define the roles of all participants in the meeting, such as who will take notes or lead discussions. This will allow them to feel more confident and motivated.

Try using icebreakers and team building activities to encourage participants to attend your virtual meeting. You can implement an interactive quiz, a team-building exercise or even split attendees into smaller groups to encourage brainstorming and discussion. When you do this, make sure to respect the privacy of attendees and their personal space. This will help them feel more at ease.

You must have a backup plan in case of any technical issues that may arise during your virtual conference. This could mean making a brief presentation that you can present prior to the meeting or having someone take notes to take them back after the call. Requesting feedback is an excellent way to learn what was a success and how you can improve the meeting in the future.

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