The VDR industry has a lot to offer, however the security of information is an important concern. If not handled correctly sensitive data stored in a VDR can be exposed to cyberattacks and subject companies to severe financial damage. This is why many modern VDRs are designed with an emphasis on cybersecurity. These features can include advanced encryption (both in transit and at rest) and multi-level authentication techniques and the ability to limit the printing and downloading of documents.

A time-limited feature is another key feature. The VDR administrator can decide on the expiration date of specific documents or deny access to an entire virtual data space which significantly reduces the chance of accidental exposure.

Furthermore, most VDRs require users to sign non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality declarations before they are able to access the system. This is an important step to ensure that users are aware of the nature of the information they view and are committed to protecting it. The most sophisticated VDRs have audit trails that record the actions that occur in the data room, including document edits and downloads.

As the security in VDR business grows more important, it is vital to select a reliable provider. Find a company that is committed to security and has a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Think about the ease of use of the site and whether or not it offers the opportunity to try a trial for free. Choose a VDR which meets your specific needs. For example, CapLinked offers advanced security features as well as document collaboration controls, and custom-designed permissions.