Vipre antivirus is a security software which comes with many of the functions that you would think of from the majority of security suites. It allows for various types of scans like a fast scan and a deeper scan. It also allows you to schedule automatic scans. It comes with a range of other features such as an identity theft tool and a Dark Web scanner which scans files on websites that are known to be home to malware. It can also erase personal information from your computer. This is a fantastic feature to have if you receive any suspicious email.

Real-time protection is a crucial component. It makes use of a firewall in order to protect your computer from threats. This is similar to the Windows firewall, but with additional options for customization. For instance you can set exception rules and record firewall events. This also lets you block attacks from other machines on a network, which is useful when family members pick up malware or get hacked, and then transfer them to the home computers.

The antivirus program also uses a global network of thousands of VIPRE users who share and identify new malicious software file threats (this is called ThreatNet). This enables the firm to quickly block the latest outbreaks, even before most other security programs have the chance to do so. This does come with some privacy risks, however, as the firm may collect extra data about your use of its apps.